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Tanweer Center in Nablus

The Palestinian Cultural Enlightenment Forum was established on the seventh of August 2005 in the city of Nablus – with the approval of the Ministry of Culture.
After being granted the license number: 122 / N / 100 together with another from the Ministry of Interior with the number: NA-838–CU, this Forum was launched in the city of Nablus as a pioneer of progressive thought with the perspective of disseminating human enlightenment at home in Palestine and as a value for universal civilization.
The Palestinian Cultural Enlightenment Forum ‘Tanweer’ focuses primarily on working in the cultural and social fields in order to promote and develop the cultural and social democratic awareness of the Palestinian civil society, according to a cultural enlightenment vision rooted in its Arabic depth and its long-term human dimension.
We, the Palestinian Cultural Enlightenment Forum, are an intellectual movement that gives reason and logic priority in the interpretation of phenomena and the attainment of knowledge, along with science, democracy, freedom, equality , social justice, civil ties and citizenship, with the integration of all these concepts for socio-economic and cultural advancement. This cannot be achieved without a courageous and daring criticism of reality and the action to change it.
Campaign Information:
The actual campaign of “Stay as long as the Thyme and olives stay”, launched by the Palestinian cultural enlightenment forum beginning in 2014 was a campaign aimed at enabling Palestinian women to rely on themselves economically and assistant in covering family expenses. This is an especially important priority in that the Palestinian economic situation is poor, in addition to protecting the land from the danger of being plundered by apartheid Israel occupation to build settlements on them.
Areas that are covered by campaign:
The campaign includes all the rural sites specifically in the areas that need protection. Since the beginning of the campaign, it has covered a lot of sites such as Yanoun Aqraba, Southern Asira, Beitforeek/ Nablus, Saffa/ Ramaallah and Salfit district and it has been dealt with being taken care of by associations and feminist groups.
Campaign Goals:
1. Building women cooperatives in rural sites and cultivating women’s awareness about the importance of cooperatives, how to manage projects and contribute to building a supportive economy.
2. Protect the land from any dangers such as weeds – confiscation – or lack of care due to poverty.
3. Invite people to return to their lands to take care and protect them.
4. To return the land of Palestine to its freshness by increasing the green areas in production.

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