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On the front line of Iran’s shadow war in Syria | The Independent

Touman explains the reasons for him joining the Iranian effort in Syria – one of thousands to have been deployed across Syria and Iraq

The Isis attack came as Abdullah Zare and his comrades were preparing for the defence of Khan Touman. Round after round of mortar fire pounded the town. People screamed as they fled, some fell injured, some dead. As the Basij fighter shot back at the enemy through the smoke and dust, a shattering explosion sent Zare flying through the air.

He had been hit by spraying shrapnel, leaving him deafened and covered in blood. He crawled using his left arm, the only part of his body he could move, for a hundred long metres until his fellow Iranians rushed forward and pulled him behind the safety of a wall.

“I could hear bullets in the air as I was crawling, some were landing near me, I could only go very slowly, I don’t know why I didn’t get hit,” he reflects. “Maybe I was very lucky, maybe Allah protected me. I am very glad I am alive.”

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Sorgente: On the front line of Iran’s shadow war in Syria | The Independent

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