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Against terrorism: Muslims gather for ‘peace march’ in Germany 

A Muslim protec­ts lives and does not take them’

Following terror attacks in Britain and around the world, about 1,000 Muslims came together for a “peace march” in the city of Cologne, Germany on Saturday.

According to a report in the Independent, the people held placards, which read: “Hatred makes the earth hell” and “Together against terror”.

To put their message across and encourage people join the march, organisers wrote that “the attacks by people who justify their acts by invoking Islam, without justification, are becoming more frequent. Our faith is being abused, defiled, insulted and distorted into something unrecognisable by this. Let us put a powerful sign against violence and terror”.


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The banners also consisted of messages promoting peace and love, reading: “Love for all, hatred for none” and “A Muslim protects lives and does not take them”.

While many protesters attended the event, organisers had expected a much larger number of participants to attend.

However, the Turkish-Islamic Union (TIU), the country’s largest Islamic association, had refused to participate.

According to the TIU, they felt the march would send a wrong message, suggesting terrorism around the world is mainly a Muslim problem.

The march, the TIU said, was being held for long hours in the summer and would be difficult to attend for Muslims observing their fasts during Ramazan.

Sorgente: Against terrorism: Muslims gather for ‘peace march’ in Germany – The Express Tribune

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