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Operation to liberate Mosul officially begins

The operation to liberate ISIS-held Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city, has begun.

The Iraqi army, the Kurdish peshmerga, Shia-led militia groups and the Turkish-trained Nineveh Guard will participate in its liberation.

The US have announced that the Kurdistan Workers Party that controls Sinjar will not be participating as it’s a recognized terrorist group by both Turkey and the United States.

The US-led coalition airforce will provide airstrikes and the US will also deploy its special units to the battle.

Controversially, the United States will allow a corridor for ISIS to escape into Syria.

Meanwhile, Shia-led militias will target the nearby town of Tal Afar whilst the Iraqi Army will focus its offensive on Mosul city.

Sources in Iraq have stated that it will not allow ISIS terrorists to escape into Syria as they can again pose a threat to Iraqi territory.

Sorgente: Operation to liberate Mosul officially begins

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