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Enlightenment Voice for free Palestine,
Through Radio Nuova Resistenza
Editor in cheif Dr. Yousef Haq
News on 24/6/2016 edited by Dr. Abraham

BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — The Apartheid Israel Occupation, AIO government, approved on Sunday the allocation of an additional 72 million shekels (about $18.6 million) to settlements in the occupied West Bank due to the “worsening security situation” in the territory, according to Apartheid Israel Occupationi media.

The funds to illegal settlement communities will reportedly include 15 million shekels from the Interior Ministry, 10 million shekels from the Agriculture Ministry, 12 million shekels from the Health Ministry, and 6 million shekels from the Welfare and Social Services Ministry. The remainder of the sum will be provided by various other ministries.

According to the resolution, the 12 million shekels from the Health Ministry will be spent on creating “psychological support centers” for residents in the settlements, which have been deemed illegal under international law.

The approved funds are in addition to the 340 million shekels ($87.9 million) already allotted to settlements.

According to the explanation in the resolution, the worsening security situation has had a negative influence on life in the settlements in a number of areas, particularly the psychological well being of the residents and economic damage to business, which the additional funds are set to deal with.

In response to the resolution, head of the Knesset’s Joint List Ayman Odeh said in a statement “this is the face of the extremist far right government of Netanyahu.” Odeh slammed the resolution, saying the millions of shekels only serve to “deepen the occupation and settlements at the expense of the rest of the state’s citizens.”

2) Apartheid Israel Occupationi forces raid cells of PFLP prisoners following mass hunger strike
JUNE 21, 2016 4:46 P.M. (UPDATED: JUNE 21, 2016 6:54 P.M.)
RAMALLAH (Ma’an) – AIO forces of prison service Tuesday stormed the cells of Palestinian prisoners affiliated with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) at Apartheid Israel Occupation’s Rimon prison and searched their belongings, the Palestinian Prisoner’s Society (PPS) said in a statement.
Forces from Apartheid Israel Occupation Prison Service’s special unit the Masada raided cells in three wards of the prison, and carried out punitive measures against PFLP-affiliated prisoners, including confiscating their electronic devices, according to PPS.
A spokesperson for Apartheid Israel Occupation’s prison service told Ma’an they were looking into reports.
AIOF raid at Rimon prison came just a day after 65 PFLP prisoners announced a hunger strike at Apartheid Israel Occupation’s Megiddo prison in protest of Apartheid Israel Occupation’s recent decision to sentence PFLP-affiliated prisoner Bilal Kayid to six months of administrative detention — an Apartheid Israel Occupationi policy of internment without charge or trial based on undisclosed evidence that even a detainee’s lawyer is barred from viewing.
The sentence was handed down to Kayid last week by an Apartheid Israel Occupationi court after he was expected to be released following the completion of 14-and-a-half-year prison sentence.

Although Apartheid Israel Occupation authorities claim the withholding of evidence during administrative detention is essential for state security concerns, rights groups have instead claimed the policy allows Apartheid Israel Occupation authorities to hold Palestinians for an indefinite period of time without showing any evidence that could justify their detentions.
Apartheid Israel Occupation considers the majority of Palestinian political parties to be “terrorist organizations.” As a result, most Palestinians who participate in the political arena in the occupied Palestinian territory risk being imprisoned by Apartheid Israel Occupationi authorities.
According to the prisoner’s rights group Addameer, there are currently 7,000 Palestinians held in Apartheid Israel Occupationi prisons, 715 of whom are held under Apartheid Israel Occupation’s policy of administrative detention.

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3) Senior Apartheid Israel Occupation minister has called for the ethnic cleansing of over 300,000 Palestinians living in Apartheid Israel Occupation, claiming that they have no right to be there.

Uri Ariel, minister of agriculture, told the Times of Israel that the country should expel any Palestinians living in Area C of the West Bank due to the fact that “there are no Arabs at all” living there.


“This is not the first time that Apartheid Israel Occupation officials have indulged in demeaning, racist and dehumanizing rhetoric against Palestinians,” said the press director for Palestinian Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah in a statement on Wednesday …

Several ministers have proposed annexing Area C, which includes 60 percent of the West Bank and is largely made up of Apartheid Israel Occupation settlements. Apartheid Israel Occupation controls the area’s law enforcement, planning and construction, leading U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry to say it “is effectively restricted for any Palestinian development.” Earlier, Apartheid Israel Occupation’s Minister of Judiciary Affairs Ayelet Shaked said that Apartheid Israel Occupation law should be applied to the area.

Ariel did not mention what should happen after “transferring Arabs” besides pumping US$2.6 billion into the area in the next 10 years to “invest in economic projects that benefit” the Apartheid Israel Occupation settlers. He had previously said that the Palestinians living there should be granted permanent residence in what would then be Apartheid Israel Occupation.…/

Sources: Egypt to open Rafah crossing in the coming days
GAZA CITY (Ma‘an) 19 June — Egypt will open its border crossing with the Gaza Strip for both directions in the coming few days, official Palestinian sources said on Sunday. The sources told Ma‘an in Gaza that the Islamic Jihad movement “has been contacting the Egyptians regarding the issue of the Rafah crossing in an attempt to ease the suffering of Gazan residents.” Egypt opened the crossing for four days earlier in June ahead of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, during which time about 3,000 passengers from the Gaza Strip were able to travel to Egypt. The Hamas-run Ministry of Interior in the Gaza Strip said it has a list of about 30,000 people waiting for their turn to travel via the Rafah crossing….

5) UNRWA: 3 more Palestinians killed in Syrian refugee camp
IMEMC/Agencies 19 June — The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) strongly condemned the ongoing escalation of the armed conflict in Syria which, on 14 June, claimed the lives of another three Palestine refugees in Khan Eshieh camp, and continues gravely to endanger the safety of civilians throughout the country. On 14 June, at around 22:30, as devotees were returning to their homes after the evening prayer, the main road of Khan Eshieh camp was hit by an artillery shell in the vicinity of Al Reda Mosque. The explosion killed on the spot 37 year-old Amir Abu Hamdeh, 56 year-old Mahmoud Asa‘ad Asa’ad and 47 year-old Ibrahim Mahmoud Khalil. The blast also seriously injured 45 year-old Ayman Zaher. UNRWA strongly condemns the parties responsible for these deaths.
6) Palestinians set municipal elections for October 8
RAMALLAH, West Bank (AP) 21 June — The Palestinian Authority in the West Bank has called for municipal elections to be held October 8, but it is unclear whether the Islamic militant group Hamas will participate. The authority, headed by Western-backed President Mahmoud Abbas, announced the election date Tuesday. Hamas, which boycotted the last elections in 2012, could not immediately be reached for comment. Palestinians last held a general election in 2006, when Hamas won a majority in parliament. Failed attempts by Hamas and Abbas’ Fatah party to share power led to violence that resulted in Hamas taking over Gaza the following year. Repeated reconciliation attempts since then have failed. If Hamas were to participate, the elections would be seen as a referendum on Abbas, who has been in power since 2005.…/Palestinians-set-municipal-ele…

7) Four out of five East Jerusalemites live in poverty, a sharp rise over past years
Haatetz 22 June by Nir Hasson — Separation wall cited as key reason for growing impoverishment, along with the upsurge in violence and lack of welfare benefits — Eighty-two percent of East Jerusalem residents lived under the poverty line in 2014, a sharp increase from previous years, according to the Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies. In comparison, the poverty rate in occupied Palestine as a whole is 22 percent, the rate for Jerusalem as a whole is 48 percent. In 2013, the poverty rate recorded in East Jerusalem was 76 percent, JIIS said. The poverty rate among East Jerusalem children in 2014 was even higher, at 86.6 percent … In 2006, the poverty rate in East Jerusalem was only 66 percent – 16 percentage points lower. Many people familiar with East Jerusalem say the main reason for the deterioration was the construction of the separation fence, which cut Jerusalem off from the West Bank, in the middle of the previous decade. That caused severe harm to businesses that relied on customers from the West Bank, and also raised the cost of living because there were no more cheap imports from the West Bank….

8) Facebook and the Apartheid Israel Occupationi government cozy up
IMEMC/Agencies 20 June — Facebook, in present-day Apartheid Israel Occupation, has hired Jordana Cutler as its head of Policy and Communications. Cutler is a longtime senior advisor to Apartheid Israel Occupationi Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and chief of staff to Apartheid Israel Occupationi Ambassador Ron Dermer. According to the Alternative Information Center in Beit Sahour, Apartheid Israel Occupationi Public Security, Strategic Affairs and Information Minister Gilad Erdan congratulated Cutler on her appointment, last week, at the Hezliya conference, an Apartheid Israel Occupationi security and national policy meeting. “There has been an advance in dialogue between Apartheid Israel Occupation and Facebook,” he acknowledged. He added, “Facebook realizes that it has a responsibility to monitor its platform and remove content. I hope it will be regulated for good.” Cutler’s appointment indicates a burgeoning partnership between the Apartheid Israel Occupation and Facebook. Considering Apartheid Israel Occupation’s propensity to arrest Palestinians for Facebook posts and its endeavors to silence the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement, such collaboration is cause for concern … The Apartheid Israel Occupationi allocated $26 million for 2016 to launch cyber warfare to “dismantle the infrastructure” of the BDS movement. The BDS National Committee surmises that Apartheid Israel Occupation is behind cyber attacks meant to shut down its website….…/facebook-and-the-israeli-government-coz…/

9) Apartheid Israel Occupation’s cabinet paves way for widespread demolition of Palestinian homes in Apartheid Israel Occupation
BETHLEHEM (Ma‘an) 20 June — The Apartheid Israel Occupationi cabinet approved a new budget Sunday that would see an Apartheid Israel Occupationi entity established to supervise the planning and construction of Palestinian communities inside Apartheid Israel Occupation, paving the way for widespread demolition of Palestinian homes built without the required permits. The resolution was presented by Apartheid Israel Occupation’s government as a much needed boost in law enforcement for the underserved communities, putting billions of shekels in funding on the table for Palestinian communities that agree to crack down on building violations in their municipalities. The decision has been condemned as a move to further formalize the systematic rejection of building permits for Palestinians that forces them to build illegally, which has been a de facto policy in Apartheid Israel Occupation and the occupied Palestinian territory for years. As a result, the proposed legislation puts more than 10,000 Palestinian residents in a number of communities in Apartheid Israel Occupation at risk of having their homes demolished, according to Apartheid Israel Occupationi newspaper Haaretz.

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